About The Writer

James Collins started his fast passed professional Culinary career at the prestigious Wish Restaurant, a Tony Goldman property and award winning restaurant under the direction of Chef Michael Bloise before the Chef Marco Ferraro took helm.

After working at Wish as a young cook and attending Johnson and Wales University in the North Miami Campus, Collins went on to work in South Hampton, New York for two summers. He then became a private chef for elite clients in Miami.

Collin’s love of writing and blogging came later on when he got married to the beautiful Kimberly Rivet. He stepped out of the Kitchen after working at the Federal Miami with Chef Caesar Zapata to try other ventures in the field of business, writing, blogging and other things, but his love for the arts remains.

The Miami raise Chef/ Blogger writes and cretics about local fair. He lives somewhere in the melting pot of Miami with his family workings and writing… You may just happen to see him eating at your restaurants, food trucks, pop ups and more!