A flash from the past, Velvet Cream Doughnuts


Once in a while, things you love and enjoy are taken away never to be enjoyed again, but such is not the case for Velvet Cream which now re-opened to it’s full potential from in the infamous, but very well loved by tourist and locals alike, Calle Ocho.

The place is bright, modern but yet, with a bright-red sense of nostalgia. From their big     ” Doughnut ” sign to the glass window inside that displays the fresh fluffy fried dough. Classic and so delicious. It’s family, kid enjoying a first experience of food their grandparents used to enjoy as a kid, it’s love, it’s passion, it’s worth getting up early for  start a great day, it’s the Doughnut for crying out loud!

I had the pleasure in speaking with one of the Owners, Robert Taylor, which Ironically, used to be a Cop back in the day. Taylor knows what he’s doing and knows where he wants to take the brand. The man is caring and really ran his shift like a team. They where having fun and serving all customers with love. It may sound cliche, but some times, I guess, some thing need to be.

I jokingly mentioned to Taylor that it was time to now franchise, and quickly he said that that’s the main thing they plan on doing. He said many people had asked him  for a franchise opportunity but in his own words ” We needed to have a staple store first”.  We spoke about many other things and of course the menu.

I was fortunate enough to try some of the few doughnuts he had left from the 2,000 plus Taylor and his team made for the opening (which by the way he, Taylor, did not let me pay for). By far, the best Jelly Glazed Doughnut I have ever had. That’s saying a lot since it’s my favorite kind and I have had them just about everywhere. I mean it’s just that, done right! Their cake doughnuts don’t fall far from the tree, they are soft, not too Cake-like or tasting like oil, just enough dough for them to be dunked into something hot. However, awesome doughnuts is not the only thing they offer, they have soft served Ice Cream (which I will get next time) and Coffee among other items. I thought that their two Doughnut box “grab and go, was different, you can say it’s old school meets modern.

Now, I want you to realized that this is no Bubble Gum ” Pop ” place doing funky stuff with the dough (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but rather, Velvet Cream takes you back to it’s roots from the late 1940’s. This was great news to my wife’s grandparents, they remembered the name and of what it was before and are dying to go visit. I can assure you that this time, Velvet Cream will be here to stay.

If you would like to know more about their menu, their unique history or even have franchising questions, visit them at www.velvetcreamdoughnuts.com



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