The Casual Dining and The 1000 Degree Pizza

Fast casual as Danny Meyer put it, ” is the new category ” in dining. Others and particularly Millennial want to eat great food at low price. For a Chef/ Owner this can become a playful and exciting uncharted areas of the industry when it comes to getting creative with concepts of food we are already used to. Among popular one’s are places like Chipotle, Shake Shack, the local Pincho Factory and 1000 Degree Pizza just to name a few. People do want a sense of getting their money’s worth when it comes to food  and lucky for most of us, the experts are diligently working on doing just that.

The ambiance is of red-orange to represent flames of the 1000 plus degree burning in the spinning oven, the ceiling is black to remind you of the flavorful and ever needed char on the border of the Pizza, the serve your self Beer Bar with the 8 dollar personalized Neapolitan Style pizza is there to remind you that you are eating in one of the best fast casual concepts when it come to pizza.

Soft, Cheesy, every bite full of flavor is unique like no other! 1000 Degree Pizza has left a Burning sensation in ” il mio cuore ” (in my heart, for you that are incompetent in Italian). I can say however, that there is nearly nothing fast about it. From the peppers to the sausage, to the onions and Meat Balls, all are crafted, cut and prepped to implement which ever Pizza Pie you get. One thing that was different from other Neapolitan style Pizzas I’ve had, was the light coating of semolina and flour which I’m still on the fence about but it makes sense since Neapolitan Pizza tens to be a little wetter.

The Process

You get to choose from several crafted Pizzas they have from your classic Margherita to their “Pilly” Pizza or you can have fun and build your own. Then the process begins as if you where in Chipotle, but instead of a Flour Tortilla, you start with the stretched out fresh Dough (my wife got gluten free…It’s gluten free.) can go with your choice of Sauce, tomato or spicy red, Pesto, White then you go down the line with the different Mozzarella Cheese and the different meats and then the wide range of veggies. Once you’ve quickly gone down the line, one of the Pizza maker places the Pizza in the spinning oven for “two rounds” which equals a minute on each turn. Yes 2 minutes for fresh, high quality Pizza?! Come on?

You can get a crafted PPP (Personal Pizza Pie) which is 10” for $8 and a 14″ for $16. It’s all worth and really, how many places are serving Neapolitan pizza? The build your starts just under $8 and the 14″ is 13…

Although Building your own is fun for you and the kids, make sure to get some of their Signature Pizzas with their salad, you can’t go wrong with any of them. We got the Cheese Gluten free with their signature red sauce, I got the “Metza” which is the best meat lovers I’ve had in a long time, the Sausage and their version of Antipasti Salad… Next time I’ll get their savory Wings and Cheesy Bread which is hear is really good.

I need to mention, Neapolitan style pizza is based on a few simple concepts, 1. The dough is simple, water, yeast, flour and salt, maybe a touch of oil to bind. Good simple sauce, and very little Cheese. It comes from Napoli, the birth place of Pizza.

2. The charred on the Pizza is a must. It’s NOT burnt, it’s chard. It’s flavor which it’s not bitter since there is a low amount or no sugar in the dough. Traditionally there is no sugar in the dough. Since the pizza is being cooked in such high degrees and at such rapid pace,  the sugar and oil would be given the chard flavor a bitter  and unflattering note to the Pie. So trust me, it’s NOT bitter or burnt, it’s part of the craft.

I don’t drink alcohol, but if I did, I would stay close to this place, they do have a nice range of tap Beers where you can serve yourself just like the multi unite coke machine which they have by the way. It’s great for friends and family and really, who’s having a Burger or Sandwich party?

The Story

1000 Degree Pizza is the brain child of business mogul, Brian Petruzzi a New Jersey Entrepreneur who has taken is Pizza world-wide. Brian started in Jersey and began developing stores there and in surrounding areas. His franchises are available for franchisees and they are being opening in many places.

This concept of fast casual pizza is not rare, there are other competitors such as 800 Degree, 900 Degree and 1200 Degree Pizza who are doing Neapolitan Style. Places like Blaze Pizza has the same concept, however investors like Lebron James and Arnold the Terminator love the thin artisan style of their pizza. In fact, Chipotle has even come up with their own Neapolitan style Pizza concept, Pizza Locale. Can’t wait until they have more than 3 in every corner.

Recently here in south florida 1000 Degree Pizza has a few locations, one in North Miami where the old the old Lime and 8oz Burger used to be and in the Miami Lakes Plaza across from the ever popular Beverly Hills Cafe which is where we went. 7425 Miami Lakes Drive, Miami Lakes, Florida 33014. By the way, go the new plaza looks AMAZING!





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