Now I know the 10 top best Fritas in Miami

Several months ago I listen to one of my customers and embarked into making a, Frita. I agreed. The problem was that I had no idea of the magical, top-notch burger this was.

A flash from the past, Velvet Cream Doughnuts

  Once in a while, things you love and enjoy are taken away never to be enjoyed again, but such is not the case for Velvet Cream which now re-opened to it’s full potential from in the infamous, but very well loved by tourist and locals alike, Calle Ocho.

Plato pop’s a new concept

Here on Earth, all good things must come to an end. That is the case for Plato Pop up Deli. With that said, new adventures are in play with endless possibilities attached with sleepless nights and bank full of hope and prayers.

The Casual Dining and The 1000 Degree Pizza

Fast casual as Danny Meyer put it, ” is the new category ” in dining. Others and particularly Millennial want to eat great food at low price. For a Chef/ Owner this can become a playful and exciting uncharted areas of the industry when it comes to getting creative with concepts of food we are already used to. Among popular one’s are places like Chipotle, Shake Shack, the local Pincho Factory and 1000 Degree Pizza just to name a few. People do want a sense of getting their money’s worth when it comes to food  and lucky for most of us, the experts are diligently working on doing just that.

Letter from a young Chef

Let’s face it, the world without chefs would a bland, uncreative, gray and most definitely not an exciting  place. Chef’s have influence our lives more than we want to accept or realize. Even behind that greasy and unhealthy fast food that we all love which has kept the world in an ample eating daze, we…